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Boy Scout Internet Patch Award Quiz

The Boy Scout Internet Patch Award Quiz is geared towards Boy Scouts and tests your knowledge of basic information about Scouting, Computers and the Internet. During the quiz you will be presented with 20 multiple choice and matching type questions to test your knowledge. You will have 30 minutes to complete the quiz.

Upon completion of the quiz, you will be presented with your score and percent of correct answers. If you have demonstrated your knowledge and received a mark of 29 out of 29 on the quiz, you will be directed to a special page where you can print out a personalized Boy Scout Internet Award certificate. There is also a link where you can have a parent or adult order the Scout Internet Award Patch for your uniform.
Boy Scout Internet Award Certificate
Internet Scout Patch Award

Boy Scouts may take this quiz as often as you wish. The intention is to learn as well as show your knowledge. Check with your Scoutmaster and/or Merit Badge Counselor as this activity may qualify for the completion of some of the requirements for the Computer Merit Badge and the latest 2008 requirements for First Class rank.

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