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Cub Scout Internet Patch Award Quiz

The Cub Scout Internet Patch Award Quiz is geared towards Cub Scouts and tests your knowledge of basic information about Scouting, Computers and the Internet. You will be presented with 13 multiple choice and matching type questions to test your knowledge. You will have 30 minutes to complete the quiz.

Upon completion of the quiz, You will be presented with your score and a review of the questions, what you selected and the correct answer. If you score a mark of 19 out of 19 on the quiz, you will be directed to a special page where you can print out a personalized Cub Scout Internet Award certificate. You can also have a parent or other adult order the Scout Internet Award Patch if desired.
Cub Scout Internet Award Certificate

Internet Scout PatchIt is highly suggested that Cub Scouts and Parents or Scout Leaders do this quiz activity together. You may take this quiz as often as you wish. The intention is to learn as well as show your knowledge. Check with your Cubmaster as this activity may qualify for the completion of some of the requirements for the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program's Computer Belt Loop.

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